One Place To Find Help

I’m glad you are here!

Helping Hurting Hearts Heal is all about finding Christian resources to help those who are hurting find help! Everyone, at some time may walk through a very painful season of life, due to loss, separation, heartache or a painful tragedy. You could be very lonely and not sure where to turn or what to do next. Others around you may need help…and now you know where to turn! Helping Hurting Hearts Heal…is One Place To Find Help!

We want to connect you with resources that may offer possible help and valuable information for your journey. We believe God is healing hearts all over the world. We’re excited to see what He is doing in so many cities and through the hearts of so many great men and women.

Feel free to contact us via our contact page. We are in the first stage of establishing our online resources of books, Bible studies, groups, counselors, authors, speakers and ministries nationwide that contain a wealth of information, knowledge, compassion and experience to share and offer a bridge of hope!

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